Beautiful Nigerian Woman Stabbed to Death By Her Boyfriend In Italy

Could this have been a crime of passion,revenge?Well we just have to wait on the autopsy .This beautiful 26-year-old Nigerian woman was reported to have been stabbed to death by her boyfriend in the asylum-seeker reception centre at Mineo near Catania, in Italy on Tuesday, 2nd of January 2017 has surfaced online. See the photos... Continue Reading →


Cristiano Ronaldo Plans on Movie Career

Portuguese international and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he has dreams of a career in the movie industry once he decides to retire from football.“I am focused right now because my football career will finish one day – we all have to retire one day,” Ronaldo told Sky Italia.“I know that day will... Continue Reading →

Man Spends $60,000 To Look Like An Elf

A 26-year-old man who has spent a whopping N21 million to look like a real-life elf has witnessed a remarkable transformation.A fantasy fanatic who splashed $60,000 (N21,600,000) transforming himself into a real-life elf reveals his new pointed ears and anime jawline, according to a report by Dailymail. 'After all the swelling goes down, I will... Continue Reading →

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