10 Year Old Rich Boy Dating 22 Year Old Famous Pretty Model Buys Her I-Phone X

This 10 years old boy is living the dream of men.A lot of men can only dream of going on a date with a gorgeous model.But for a young boy, it’s more than just a dream as he was able to go out on a date with one.Nantapong Kidwapattana is just 10 years old, and he is already in a relationship with a Thai beauty.

Screenshot_20180102-194511~2Men would be jealous that a kid as young as Nantapong was able to take out the beautiful model , known by her Instagram handle, Rky Thitiworada, on a date.

20180102194344Screenshot_20180102-194504.pngNantapong took another step on his relationship by giving his gal an iPhone X for Christmas! He wrote: “Today, I’m bringing my girl out for a movie. Since she’s such an adorable girl, I’ve bought her an iPhone X worth 47,000 baht (RM5,800) as a present.This phone is a reward for our love,Merry Christmas.”Nantapong post was quickly shared thousands of times but has since been deleted for reasons unknown. And as with any viral post, people always have something to say.It’s still a shock that this pretty model could be dating a 10year old.Lots of people believe that the model only went with the kid because he is super rich.After Nantapong’s post, people quickly tracked down the model and revealed her as Rky. She has 229,000 followers on Instagram at the time of this writing. Most of her pictures were like thousands of times. It’s easy to think this kid got a date with her because of his super power of being rich but at this present generation and time nothing seems to be a surprise.What do you think,drop your comments


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