“I Will Remove My Butt Implant Soon,My Legs Can No Longer Carry The Weight”

US singer, K. Michelle disclosed her plans to take out her butt implants in Tv show,The Reals. She was a guest on the show.She decided she want to take them out because it is now weighing heavily on her legs and causing her leg pains.She told the hosts she got the reason she got the butt implants in the first place was because she was having self esteem issues. She said she felt the bigger her butt, the more love she will get from men so she got work done on her boobs, butt, and hips,but it is now causing her so much discomfort as her legs are too small to carry the weight.She has been to several doctors to have it removed but most didn’t want to touch it. She says she has now found a doctor who is willing to work on her.


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