When trying to build those huge biceps, get that V-taper, 6pack and all, or just trying to burn excess fat there are a few questions that come to mind. This is one of them, ‘how frequently should one workout? ‘.
Some people hit the gym day in day out all for the sake of building these muscles. It could be to prove to themselves they aren’t short of motivation, or some of them have set a short time frame in which they expect to achieve their results and therefore workout every blessed day in order to achieve them. But really, is this the right way? Should we Work our body this much?
One thing most of us don’t seem to understand is that our muscles need time to rest and recover from all the training. During rest days, we are able to build more muscle and our nervous system is able to get back to normal working state. We devote more of our resources to growth and repair during rest days.
Like was stated earlier, our muscles are allowed time to recover from the excess work which they’ve been put through. At times the pains felt from working out (DOMS) might be too severe and it’s totally okay to take a break, give your muscles some time to recover from all that soreness
Observing rest days keeps us motivated for the next workout day. How’s this possible? Well when we observe rest days we give our body some recovery time, replenishing and repairing what was lost or damaged, we are less fatigued and definitely with the new recovered energy, will be fully motivated for the next day of workout during which we are more likely to perform at the highest rate compared to days when we do not take a rest

During such days our muscles have the time and chance to develop and grow, that’s obviously our objective and without these rest days it’s quite impossible.
Rest days are very essential for muscle growth. It’s a rest day doesn’t necessarily mean you rest totally. You could perform some light training compared to your regular training days. You could also split your workout, working some particular muscles on some days and another set on other days, just making sure to give rest to each muscle.
At least two to three rest days a week is appropriate. This also depends on the intensity of your work out and what your goals and objectives are. Whatever it is ensure to add rest days to your workout routine, they are very essential.


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