People often say that weight lifting turns fat in to muscle and go around advising others especially the very lean ones that want to start working out, to get fat first before they begin to work out. This really isn’t good advice as there’s no magic that can turn muscle in to fat


Muscle and fat are two different tissues! You can’t turn fat in to muscle! (Maybe magicians can, but I’ll assume you’re not). Fatty tissues are found around internal organs, between muscles and under the skin, it’s broken down in to three man types and is found throughout the body.

What weight training does is it builds the muscle tissues around or in the fat tissues. This means that we are actually building the muscles here and not fat like you used to hear. So the next time you hear someone give such advice as i listed at the beginning of this article, be sure to correct him/her, you might just be saving someone from making a really big mistake


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