Eggs are one of the beautiful meals in the world,cause of its nutrients complexity. Eggs store a significant amount of protein. They contain a very large content of nutrients. The fat in the yolk contains more than half the calories found in the egg. The fat in eggs is saturated, the egg white contains about 87ā„… of water and about 13ā„… of protein.The egg white contains no cholesterol and has very little or no Fat. The egg yolk is made up of about 33ā„… of the liquid weight of the egg and contains also about 60 calories. All of the Fat soluble vitamins are found in the egg yolk, it’s one of the few foods containing Natural vitamin D.
Despite the nutritional values of eggs, there are some potential health issues arising from the cholesterol content, salmonella contamination and allergy to egg proteins.
The egg yolk arguably tarnishes the qualities of the egg because of its level of cholesterol. Since dietary cholesterol was once thought to be the cause of unhealthy blood cholesterol, many people prefer to stick to the egg white only.


Studies show that the moderate Consumption of eggs(about one a day), does not appear to increase the risk of heart diseases. People with diabetes may increase the risk of heart diseases eating more than one egg a day. However overall diet quality is far more important in heart health than knowing the number of eggs to eat per day.
People of low cholesterol need to reduce their egg Consumption.

Eggs are really healthy and good for improving your diet, but should be taken in moderation as too much of everything is bad.


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