Beginning a workout plan might be going well for the first few days. In fact most of the time it does. But as the weeks go by, with a lot of activities to keep up with besides working out, it could get quite difficult and you’re most likely to lose motivation. How then can we stay motivated while working out? There are a number of ways to stay motivated and ensure that we complete our workout plan and achieve our objectives. I’ve been able to list out 6 of these different ways.


It all begins with your mindset. Think fit, work fit. Think ‘I can, I want to, and I will do it’ and surprising as it may be you actually will do it! Well that’s if you’re consistent.

Some of us look at people who have achieved these goals we’ve set or have always been that way, in essence, people who already have that 6 pack we are looking for or that slim body we crave and are like, can I really achieve this?

The fact that you haven’t gotten to where you want to be should be enough motivation to keep pressing ahead. When we think positive we can always surpass even the most difficult obstacle. It’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Keep that in mind!


We can’t expect to go from zero to hundred in no time and with little effort. It’s all about patience, taking everything one step at a time. Trying to achieve fast results will only make us over work ourselves which most likely results in loss of motivation. We should keep it in mind that nothing worth while comes easy.Adapt your lifestyle around achieving the goal. It should be able to fit in to your everyday activities without affecting work, school and other essential activities of the day, as that can be pretty overwhelming.

Set milestones as you progress towards your goal, so you can look back and measure how far you’ve come and how far away your goal is. This makes your goals more attainable and you’re more accountable to yourself.

When you feel like quitting, just remember why you started, keep the goal constantly in front of you.


As was mentioned earlier, your workout plan should be able to fit into your everyday activities. It should be routine, not something that changes with your mood or drive level. If necessary, set reminders on your gadgets to keep you gong, especially when you have a lot on your plate and you’re most likely to forget. Remember your well being is as important as whatever tasks are keeping you occupied.


A lot of people don’t see exercise as a fun thing. Most of us do this because we feel it’s necessary. But come to think of it, what if you tried to have fun while working out? Yes I know squatting and lifting weight isn’t that much fun (well for some people), but it all boils down to your mind set, changing your thinking like I stated earlier helps a lot. Putting on headphones and listening to our favorite playlist surely will make working out more fun and less work. Being all so serious and not having fun wouldn’t help you lose weight and build muscle any faster, so why not just enjoy ride? Having fun during exercise keeps you motivated and gives you something to look forward to.


It’s quite tough having to work out. There’s nothing like being in the midst of like-minded people who have similar goals. Try as much to have a group to have scheduled work out together. A group could be just one or two people to keep you in check. Visit fitness sites such as regularly to get support and remain motivated.


Reward yourself by having rest days from time to time and having cheat days once in a while.

Resting from time to time gives our muscles a bit of time to recover from all that working out, ensuring that we stay motivated as we will be filled with fresh energy to continue with our workout plan the next day.

Having cheat days where we don’t have to bother about what we take in is also a very good way to stay motivated as it lets us know that we haven’t had to let go of everything totally and we can keep fit while still being able to eat what we want. This doesn’t mean we should go eat as much junk as we can just because it’s our cheat day. We should try to make sure the amount of calories we’re taking would not have any serous effect on all what we’ve been working on. Everything in life has to be done in moderation.

These are just a few but very important ways of staying motivated while working out. Practice these and you’ll be very happy that you did in 3 months time or more, depending on how long it takes to achieve your goals.

Hope this has really been helpful. feel free to comment your thoughts.






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