Most people trying to lose weight mostly just do cardio exercises such as walking or jogging. But the question is, do these really help?
In order to lose weight we have to ensure to take in less calories than we burn per day. This forces the body to get required calories from our fat reserves.
On average humans need about 2000 calories per day. But this doesn’t mean you require exactly this amount as bodies are different and it varies from person to person. Men require more calories Thank women.
So lets say we’re taking in 2000 calories per day and our goal is to burn 2500 calories in order to lose weight, we’ll need to perform high intensity workouts in order to burn up to this amount of calories or even more because we’re definitely not going to be doing these exercises everyday.
We cant really achieve this with cardio exercises such as walking or jogging as we can’t burn much calories by just doing these. But combining these with regular workouts can be very effective.
Also doing cardio for weight loss is quite dangerous as too much cardio can eat away at muscle tissue and these muscles are used to burn body fat. If youre looking to burn fat through cardio, its best to keep the intensity low and combine it with regular anerobic exercises.
The first step to weight loss is creating a wise eating plan. This is way more effective than any amount of cardio. Watching our calory intake can go a long way in aiding weight loss. You cant eat 200 calories and hit the gym, burn 100+ calories and expect to magically loose weight. There are no magic tricks involved in weight loss,just hard work



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