Staying hydrated during exercise is very essential as it helps ensure that we perform at our best. This doesn’t mean we should drink so much till our stomach’s bloated as this will just make it really difficult for you to exercise. I mean, can you imagine doing sit-ups with all that water in your stomach, or worse doing squats or jogging. It simply means we should listen to our bodies and ensure to drink water whenever we feel thirsty. I don’t feel there’s any particular quantity that should be taken in as bodies are different and the amount of water you might need at that time might not be as much as you would some other time. It all depends on the intensity of the workout we are doing and the duration. More quantities of water or sports drinks are needed for longer lasting exercise sessions usually over an hour, than those under an hour.

We can choose between taking water, sports drinks or fruits and vegetables which contain up to 20% liquid to quench our thirst.

Exercise beverages are recommended when carrying out longer lasting exercises as they contain fluids and minerals known as electrolytes.

Sweating a lot causes us to lose electrolytes which may result in dizziness, exercise cramps and nausea. That’s why it’s more preferable we take sports drinks instead of water when doing longer lasting exercises. Water is more preferable when doing exercises under one hour as taking sports drinks will just give us extra sugar and calories which we do not need.


The bottom line here is that it’s essential to stay hydrated during exercise as it ensures more effective performance and helps avoid unwanted occurrences such as nausea, dizziness and so on. Take sports drinks for longer lasting workouts but not for shorter ones under 60 minutes as this just provides us with unwanted calories and sugar. Take water instead. Don’t go filling your stomach with so much liquid, you’ll just make working out more difficult. Whatever you do, ensure to obey your thirst.

Hope this was helpful, very glad you came across this article.


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