Many of us wonder why we feel so much pain in our muscles after an exercise session. These pains can be really annoying and really discourages one from complete his workout plan and achieving set goals.

The sereneness of this pain all depends on how hard we worked our muscles and how of tea we workout. People who don’t work out very often might feel these pains severely when they’re done with working out. These pains aren’t usually felt on the day of working out. From what I’ve experienced the pains are usually felt on the morning of the next day in some specific parts depending on the body part we trained the hardest. These pains are otherwise referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)


It’s really very normal to feel these pains as they occur when the muscles have to work harder than they are used to. During exercise sessions we’re obviously making our muscles work harder than normal so it’s very natural to feel these pains. Now you see you don’t need to be worried, there’s nothing wrong with you nor were you getting anything wrong. Although some of us, tend to over work our muscles, which makes these pains really severely and may even lead to injuries.


These pains really can’t be stopped as it’s a natural occurrence that comes with working out. Although they can be controlled.

Normally people are encouraged to push themselves to the list or even past. But working out like this isn’t always the best way. These pains can become so severe that we won’t even be motivated to continue the next day, or whichever day which was initially planned. So for those of us who really can’t handle the pain its best to go steal with the workout. After all doing a few reps everyday till the goal is achieved is better than working out one day and never carrying on.

Working out continuously is another way to control these as our body adapts to the extra work you’re putting it through. Like I said before, these DOMS are felt the most by people who don’t work out very often or who haven’t worked out in a long while.

Specific fruits and vegetables also help speed up recovery as they contain nutrients which help fix up damaged muscle tissue. Green vegetables, watermelon, potatoes, ginger and pineapple are examples of a few that can help speed up recovery. Drinking lots of water too really helps. Didn’t mention pain killers here because I’m not so sure how effective they are in dealing with DOMS but I hope the points given above have been of help.

You can feel free to comment your thoughts.


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