Getting motivated to work out is one thing, staying motivated is another! When we’re following a workout plan to gain muscle, or lose weight, our primary concern is always ‘how much we’ve gained or lost’. This really is a determinant factor on whether one stays motivated to complete the workout plan.

I remember a point in time when I and my sister trained together. Our objective was for her to lose some weight by changing her diet and working out for four days consecutively with a day of rest every fifth day. She was quite big then and she really put in a lot of effort to ensure she achieved her objective. I tried my best to keep her motivated whenever it felt like she was about quitting.

From past experiences, I got to know how hard it can be to make gains, or lose fat for those who try to lose weight. I advised her not to check the scale until one month after but she kept checking every 3 days. Really? Every three days? Yes, every three days. She really thought weight loss was going to be an easy thing. After two weeks of training and losing just about 2 kg and she really began to lose motivation. Well I encouraged her to carry on and also assisted in other ways I could. Three months and she has already lost 10 kg. I don’t know how this sounds to you but that’s really huge given what we were aiming at.

So what am I’m trying to say here? What I’m trying to say is there’s no given period of time to expect gains or losses. It all depends on how motivated you are, how much effort you put in, your diet and how your body responds to these workouts.

You can’t expect to start seeing gains instantly. Some of us even expect to start seeing on the first day of working out. As funny as that sounds it’s true about majority of us. We shouldn’t get discouraged when we don’t see results. Everything happens with time. Continuous effort and patience ensures positive results and when that happens we’ll be so happy we didn’t quit

Personally I’d advice continuous workout without checking the scale for at least one month. Definitely after one month we should start seeing results. You’re most likely to, but even if not, don’t get discouraged. Check your diet and put more effort in to your workout and surely you’ll begin to achieve your desired results

It’s all about how bad you want it. That really determines how motivated you will be when trying to achieve results. Try to look at a lot of motivational quotes, read more articles like these and watch videos talking about similar topics in order to stay motivated. Always bear it in mind that nothing worthwhile comes easy.



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