Ever wonder how often you should workout in order to get good results? Maybe some of us are quite busy with work or school and are looking for ways to still be able to carry out our workout and achieve set goals.

Well, this article is definitely the right one for you.

We should be able to work out at least 20-60 minutes in a day. For those of us whose excuses are school, work etc. 20-60 minutes is at most 1 hour out of a whole 24 hours. That being said, these work outs should be done between 3-5 days a week. You don’t necessarily need to work out every day of the week. Always ensure to observe rest days as the help motivate you to carry on with working out. If you’re wondering how, well, during rest days we regenerate lost energy and become less fatigued thereby making us more motivated to workout. Working out three times a week is very adequate for people who just started working out to boost their fitness. You don’t really require much exercise during the first week as its best to start from very few numbers and then increase as the weeks pass. Whatever you do always try to make sure you’re doing more than you were last week. Exercising exceedingly can result in overuse injuries, tearing on muscles so it’s very essential we take it step by step.

The need for particular exercises depends on our workout goals. Experts recommend that the same muscles should not be trained for more than 2 days and 2 nights consecutively in order for muscles to adapts and recover perfectly.


We should work out between 20-60 minutes daily for 3-5 days a week, ensuring that we observe days of rest as they help keep us motivated to workout.


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