At times we try to train some body parts by doing some particular exercises not being sure of if it will really help us achieve exactly what our target is. Sometimes it might be the right workout, but is it the most effective?

Below are various body parts and the best exercises to train them and achieve the best results



This is really effective in building chest muscles. The steps to perform bench press properly are as follows:

  • Lie on a bench with your feet on the floor
  • Lift the bar off the rack with straight arms
  • Lower it to your mid-chest
  • Lift back up until your elbows lock.
  • Repeat the steps till you’ve done as many reps as you can



These are really good for working the abdominal muscles. If you’re really looking to work your abs then this is the right exercise you should be dong. Steps:

  • lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip width apart
  • Place your hands behind your head and hold your elbows outwards to the sides. make sure not to lock your fingers
  • Curl up and forward so your head, neck and shoulder blades lift off the floor.
  • Maintain that position for some time and then return back to starting position




Squats are ideal exercises for leg muscle building. They produce an increase in muscle mass of muscles in the lower body. Steps include:

  • Stand with feet apart directly under your hips while placing hands on your hips
  • Tighten stomach muscles. Standing up tall, put shoulders back, lift your chest, and pull in abdominal muscles
  • Lower down as if sitting. Bend knees while keeping your upper body as straight as possible, as if you were lowering on to a seat behind you. Go as far as you can without leaning upper body more than a few inches forward. Don’t let go too forward to the extent that they stick past your toes
  • Straighten legs being careful not to lock knees when reaching standing position
  • Repeat the movement as many times as you deem necessary



Although these help work a wide range of muscles, pull-ups are particularly very effective in training the biceps. It’s quite easy to perform. Steps:

  • hold the pole with both arms placed either wide or closed, depending on the variation
  • Pull yourself up till head goes over the bar. ensure not to jump when trying to pull yourself up
  • slowly drop back down and then repeat the movement for as many reps as we can perform

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