This is one of the most frequently asked question by people who want to work out, especially young boys who still have the possibility of growing taller and are worried about whether that will spoil their chances of attaining their desired height.

I’ll talk you through the various benefits of squatting and weight lifting in the process letting you know if it hinders growth in any way

Squats and weight lifting do not stunt growth when done correctly! Doing these exercises improperly can result in severe injuries to the spine or joints which in the process can have a serious effect on growth. So this tells us that it’s not the workouts that cause any issues, it’s the injuries sustained. This is why it’s very essential to know how to do workouts such as these before actually dong them.

man doing squats.jpg



Squats and weight lifting help increase bone density which is very essential as the bones help protect the internal organs of the body. Also this improves our performance in sports especially those which involve sprinting and jumping. They help increase strength which aids us in carrying out day to day activities. Having high bone density helps protect us from the risk of some diseases. An example is osteoporosis, which is a condition where the bones become weak and break easily. This is a common disease which affects mostly women after menopause but doesn’t mean it’s restricted to women alone. Therefore participating in squats and weight lifting along with a calcium rich diet really helps control the issue of low bone density.

So now you know the truth about these workouts why don’t you carry on with your exercise, knowing that as long as you’re doing the right thing, you won’t have any growth issues whatsoever



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