What comes to mind when you hear cardio? yeah, that’s right! the heart.

cardiovascular exercises are physical and aerobic exercises that help get your heart rate up. they are physical exercises of low to high intensity that depend mainly on the process of generating aerobic energy. these exercises can be performed for extended periods of time

more often than we recognize it we carryout cardio exercises as they are part of majority of our day to day activities

cycling, running, jogging, swimming, skipping, are various forms of cardio exercises which when put together with our regular workouts and a good diet, can bring about very healthy living.


you may be thinking, ‘i’m quite fit and trim, i don’t need cardio’ or ‘i’m too young to be thinking of exercise’.well, it wont hurt to take your future in your hands and take good care of your heart; cardiovascular exercises help you do that. in addition to keeping you fit and more alive, they help reduce the risk of heart diseases. for this reason, cardio is essential for everyone irrespective of age, size, physique and other factors


a healthy cardiovascular system means an increased blood flow and more effective circulation which helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. it also helps improve mental health and reduce stress lowering the possibility of depression. cardio exercises also help aid weight loss by improving the ability of muscles to use fat during workout sessions. lastly it strengthens the muscles of the lungs improving the circulation of oxygen round the body.

the benefits of cardio exercises cannot be over emphasized. its important to carry out cardio exercises as often as possible as it has great health benefits


be sure to not over-do cardio exercises as it can lead to issues such as aching joints. start small and then do more over time. do not overwhelm your self.

hope this article has been of help to you. visit more often for more of such content.




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