This is one of the most difficult parts of working out ,training the legs. most of us find it very stressful and not fun at all unlike upper body exercises therefore we keep skipping leg day, well, i’m referring to those of us that love to work out by the way. Then some of us on the other hand don’t even know the workouts that should be done to train the legs. if you find yourself in any of these categories, then you’re definitely meant to be reading this

one of the main things you need to know is that peoples bodies are different and respond at different speeds to various activities performed or workouts done. there are people who just do little and get results and there are some that do that same amount of workouts and don’t get the same results . what i’m trying to say here is you shouldn’t use someone else’s gains to measure yours, people are all different

the key here is ‘consistency’! workout consistently until you start getting your results.  if you ever think of quitting just remember why you started, that’s a saying to remember by the way


these two leg workouts will help you deal with those skinny legs and no doubt, combined with consistency and determination, you’ll definitely change the situation. note that they all come in many variations so this is easily more than two exercises to help solve your problem

Image result for man doing squats




SQUATS: one of the most essential exercises for building the legs. its one of the most challenging leg exercise if not the most challenging

variations include: front squat, hack squat, machine squat

Image result for man doing deadlifts



DEADLIFTS: this is another good exercise for building the legs as it exacts pressure on lower body muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings

variations include: Romanian deadlift and sumo deadlift.

with these you should be able to achieve your goal, and remember , if you ever feel like quitting, just remember why you started.


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